Dead Long Enough (2005)

Producer: Paul Donovan

Ben Jones, a worn out and depressed Welsh lawyer, lives in the shadow of his promiscuous TV celebrity brother, Harry Jones. Ben hankers after his lost love, the fiery red headed Irish colleen Sinead. However in a fit of pique Ben decides to accept the marriage proposal from his ball-busting girlfriend. So Harry decides that he must do something good for his brother and brings him back to Ireland where both had a great time in their youth. This act of generosity, and also a coincidental recce for a future television programme begins a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Audience Prize Winner, Cardiff Film Festival, 2005

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Written by
James Hawes
Tommy Collins

Directed by
Tommy Collins

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Michael Sheen
Angeline Ball
Jason Hughes
Doughlas Hershel

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