paths to freedom

Paths To Freedom (2001)

Executive Producer: Paul Donovan

Out of jail and back to reality with a camera crew in tow, Paths to Freedom is a six-part ‘dramatised’ fly-on-the-wall documentary series following the experiences, trials and tribulations of two ex-prisoners from contrasting class structures upon their release into society.


“Very, very good. It might even be great…Comic creation of immediate brilliance.”
Irish Independent

“The biggest comedy success in the station’s history…Brilliant performances.”
The Sunday Tribune

“Paths to Freedom has raised the benchmark for Irish television comedy…the sharpest comedy on Irish television.”
The Sunday Times

“Absolutely hilarious…the funniest Irish comedy since Father Ted.”
Ireland on Sunday

“Glorious…possibly one of the greatest ever Irish comic creations…far more realistic, executed far more professionally and much, much funnier…the story lines are wholly credible. Hopefully, this isn’t a one off series.”
Sunday Tribune

“The funniest programme RTE has ever made…Quite possibly the greatest reason to pay your television license fee.”
The Irish Examiner

“The comic conceit behind Paths to Freedom work brilliantly.”
Irish Times Magazine


Best Television Drama, IFTA, 2001
Best Actor in a TV Drama for Michael McElhatton, IFTA, 2001
Best Drama, Celtic Film & TV Festival, 2001

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Paths To Freedom (2001)

Written by
Michael McElhatton
Ian FitzGibbon

Directed by
Ian FitzGibbon

Produced by
Eoin Holmes

Executive Producers
Michael Garland
Paul Donovan

Michael McElhatton
Brendan Coyle
Deirdre O'Kane
Peter McDonald

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