The Last Bus Home (1996)

Producer: Paul Donovan

A group of friends form a punk band on the day of the Pope’s visit to Ireland. Their rise and fall is charted through 1980s Dublin as they struggle with relationships, dodgy venues, unemployment and sleazy record company agents.


“A pulsating punk drama.”

“Compulsory viewing…worthy of cult status.”

“A strikingly visual evocation of punk Dublin in the lates 1970s…a tightly observed and powerfully performed comic-tragic slice of suburban rebellion..a major advance by a talented young director.”
Sunday Tribune

“Full of exceptional performances, the authentic look and sound of punk.”
Evening Herald

“Once again, Irish cinema has come up with a good surprise…It is original in tone and is underlined by a convincing, almost endearing sincerity. Truly convincing performances by all.”
Le Parisien


Audience Award, Cherbourg-Octeville Festival, 1997


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Production Company
Bandit Films

Written and Directed by
Johnny Gogan

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Annie Ryan
Brian F. O'Byrne
Anthony Brophy
Gemma Craven
Brendan Coyle
Donal O'Kelly

Featuring the music of
Sinead O'Connor
Cathal Coughlan
Linton Kwesi Johnson
The Radiators

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