Mapmaker (2001)

Producer: Paul Donovan

An imaginative thriller set in the stunning border landscapes of northwest Ireland about a Mapmaker who uncovers the mystery behind a man’s disappearance.

“Mapmaker is a rare film…he also uses the camera to powerful effect, creating a vision of a landscape that is distinclty Irish yet rarely seen on screen.”
Sunday Times, 2002

“Mapmaker does have the merit of offering a very different take on seemingly familiar material, playing with preconceptions in order to subvert them.”
Sunday Tribune, 2002

“The drama is played out against a ruggedly beautiful and unfamiliar landscape captured in strikingly distinctive compositions by cinematographer Owen McPolin, and Gogan invests that drama with an escalating atmophere of menace.”
The Ticket, The Irish Times, 2002

SIGNIS Award – Special Mention, Amiens International Film Festival, 2002

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  • Mapmaker

Written By
Johnny Gogan

Directed by
Johnny Gogan

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Brian F. O'Byrne
Susan Lynch
Brendan Coyle

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