The Race (2009)

Co-Producer: Ailish McElmeel, Executive Producer: Paul Donovan

Sometimes the biggest dreams can be found in the smallest places. Mary (Niamh McGirr) is a 12 year old girl up against the world. At school, she is tormented by bullies. At home, her parents – Frank (Colm Meaney) and Katey (Susan Lynch) – are struggling to save their disintegrating marriage. Meanwhile, their rural farm is under threat of repossession. Life could not be harder, but Mary finds escape through the company of her best friend Tom (Jonathan Mason) and the adrenalin-high of go-kart racing. Despite her youth, she harbours dreams of becoming a professional race car driver and she is seeing them slowly come to fruition, albeit in the form of a makeshift, ramshackle go-kart.
“The Berlin based director André F.Nebe is in his feature film debut more interested in a multi-layer storyline than with cracking action. His film not only tells the story of Mary’s charming race preparation, but it also aims for contemplative tones. Thanks to the appealing cast and the multi-layered storylines contrasting fun and melancholy, The Race is a traditional kids’ movie and a recommendation for visitors from 8 on.”
Nibelungen Kurier 24.10.09

” This kids movie captures our hearts by storm.”
TV today

“A timeless beautiful kids’ movie, that impresses with a simple story and refreshing young characters.”

International Sales Agent: Highpoint Media UK

Written by
Rowan O'Neill

Directed by
Andre F. Nebe

Michael Garland
Martin Hagemann

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan

Ailish McElmeel

Niamh McGirr
Jonathan Mason
Colm Meaney
Susan Lynch

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