Stew Series One (2004)

A pacey character driven sketch show with a wide variety of comedy from classic slapstick to surreal to black humour.


“No longer does comedy shuffle onto RTE like a clown with a malfunctioning dickie-bow. Stew is confident, well made and well acted.”
Irish Times

“Stew is that rarest of beasts, a very funny Irish comedy show.”
Irish Independent

“Ineffably Irish, Stew is up there with anything the BBC is doing.”
Evening Herald

“A deliciously deranged slice of surrealism from some of the silliest brains in Ireland…there are some sublime flashes of genius in Stew.”
Irish Independent

“Played with an impressively straight face, Stew offers a substantial repast for starving Irish comedy fans. By crediting its audience with working brains, it carves out the freedom to play for bigger and better laughs.”
Sunday Times


Best Entertainment, IFTA, 2004

Written by
Paul Tylak
Paul Woodfull

Directed by
Orla Walsh

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Paul Tylak
Paul Woodfull
Darragh Kelly
Barbara Bergin
Tara Flynn
Patrick McDonnell
Katy Davis

  • The South Westerlies (2020)

  • Can’t Cope Won’t Cope (2016)

  • The Last Right (2019)