Stew Series 2 (2005)

Producer: Paul Donovan

Stew is a witty and sharply observed show peopled by a range of character types recognizable to Irish audiences – mad musicians, gaelgoirs, a pushy mammy, the neighbour from hell, grumpy old codgers, jealous women, feckin’ eejits and many many more – all fictional characters but familiar types in urban and rural Ireland.

“All of our island is in the Stew pot, the characters are subtle and the ideas satisfyingly bleak.”
The Irish Times, 2005

Best Entertainment, Celtic Film & TV Festival, 2005

Written by
Paul Tylak
Paul Woodfull

Directed by
PJ Dillon

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Paul Tylak
Paul Woodfull
Darragh Kelly
Barbara Bergin
Tara Flynn
Patrick McDonnell
Katy Davis

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  • Halal Daddy (2017)