Trivia Series 1 (2011)

Producer: Paul Donovan, Co-Producer: Ailish McElmeel

The show focuses on the captain of a pub quiz team – a man who knows it all but has learnt nothing. Trivia explores the relationships between the four team members and their thirty something contemporaries in a small town in Monaghan as they close in on victory for 52 consecutive weeks!

David Pearse (Zonad) plays Lawrence the overly obsessed captain, Keith McErlean (Raw) is his long suffering best friend Adam, Olivia Caffrey (Coupling) has feelings for Adam who is also her boss and Janet Moran (Love is the Drug) plays the star recruit who opens Lawrence’s eyes to the world.

“Smartly written by television first-timer Damien Owens and tightly directed by Tom Hall (Bachelors Walk), TRIVIA doesn’t waste a second of its 30-minute running time. I’ll be sticking around for the next round.”
Evening Herald, 2011

“Trivia is a funny and promising home-grown comedy drama – and you can’t say that too often”. The Irish Times, 2011

Award Nominations 
Outstanding International Producer in a Comedy TV Series, Monte-Carlo Television Awards 2011
Outstanding Actor in a Comedy TV Series (David & Keith), Monte-Carlo Television Awards 2011
Outstanding Actress in a Comedy TV Series (Janet & Olivia), Monte-Carlo Television Awards 2011
Best Actor in a Lead Role for TV, IFTA, 2012

Written by
Damien Owens

Directed by
Tom Hall

Paul Donovan

Executive Producer
Michael Garland

Ailish McElmeel

David Pearse
Keith McErlean
Olivia Caffrey
Janet Moran

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