Moone Boy Series 1 (2012)

Exceutive Producer: Paul Donovan

Moone Boy is a comedy series about a boy called Martin Moone growing up in a large family in a small, picturesque, but slightly depressed market town called Boyle. The first series is set in 1989/1990 and the Moone Family live in a cramped house that’s far too small for them. It’s a loud, lively, chaotic, messy (and very typical) household where the parents and children are all pursuing very different lifestyles, all pulling in different directions. And right at the bottom of the pile is the youngest in the family, Martin, the star of the show – a quirky, creative, eleven-year-old with an imaginary friend, Sean Murphy (played by Chris O’Dowd), who also narrates the show.



“The most life-affirming delight to have hit our screens in a long time…” – The Guardian

‘Moone Boy is enlivened with the main character’s animated doodles. “You know what me and the Irish team have in common?” said Martin to Sean. “We’re both amazing at drawing!” That’s the kind of schoolboy gag that only an imaginary friend should find amusing, but, somehow, Moone Boy has enough charm to make it hilarious.”  – The Independent

“One of the most charming series on TV” – Hollywood Reporter

“It leaves most of what passes for domestic TV comedy choking in its dust.” – AV Club

“Moone Boy is the most charming new television comedy to arrive in America this year.” – The New York Times



Best Comedy, International Emmy Awards, 2013

Best Entertainment, Irish Film & Television Awards, 2013



Written by
Nick Vincent Murphy
Chris O'Dowd

Directed by
Declan Lowney

Produced by
Ted Dowd

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan

Chris O'Dowd
Steve Coogan
Johnny Vegas
Peter McDonnell
Deirdre O'Kane
Simon Delaney
David Rawle

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