Moone Boy Series 2 (2013)

Executive Producer: Paul Donovan

In series 2 we find the Moone family on holiday during the summer of 1990 – as World Cup fever grips Ireland with the national team qualifying for the first time…and hopes are high. Also in the series, with cash flow being a problem for the Moone family, Martin takes a job as a golf caddy, while his dad, Liam, takes up golf – but with his own unique style….just throwing the ball! We see Martin start his new school, where he promptly falls in love with his new Business Studies teacher, Miss O’Driscoll. Martin and his best friend, Padraic, build a ‘ghost-raft’ which they hope to sail into town on Halloween and scare everyone. Unfortunately though…the river is flowing in the wrong direction – and they end up floating out towards the island on Lough Key…with their two imaginary friends on board. The series culminates with Martin falling in love with the notion of life on the road, as a group of travellers arrive in town, while his heavily pregnant sister, Fidelma, marries Dessie – a wedding, and a dash to the hospital, which unfortunately collides with The St Patrick’s Day parade in the centre of Boyle..


“One of the many amusing things about Moone Boy… is the way it pays attention to the logic of the imaginary-friend relationship.” – The New York Times

“Happily, both Rawle and Ian O’Reilly, who plays Martin’s best corporeal friend Padraic, are still as charming as they were a year ago, and aren’t being prodded too hard to grow up.” – AV Club

“You’re not imagining things if you find yourself mooning over Moone Boy.” – TV Guide

“Moone Boy has somehow stumbled upon the comedic elixir of intense likeability. The semi-autobiographical storyline, indeed the presence of O’Dowd at all could seem indulgent, but Moone Boy has winning charm.” – The Telegraph



Best Entertainment, Irish Film & Television Awards, 2014

Best Director for Television, Irish Film & Television Awards, 2014

Written by
Nick Vincent Murphy
Chris O'Dowd

Directed by
Ian FitzGibbon

Produced by
Ted Dowd

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan

Chris O'Dowd
Steve Coogan
Johnny Vegas
Peter McDonnell
Deirdre O'Kane
Simon Delaney
David Rawle

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