Death Of A Superhero (2011)

Executive Producer: Paul Donovan

Associate Producer: Ailish McElmeel


Donald’s life is spinning out of control. Sure, he’s only 15 and dreams of girls, sex and crazy adventures. In his imagination, he’s right in the thick of it. And he’s found a way to bring the fruits of his overly fertile mind to life: by drawing comics. An immortal superhero, a sex-crazed vamp, and – the archenemy – the drug-addicted surgeon “The Glove”. Are they Donald’s fantasies – or his reality? It’s hard to tell since Donald lives in his own world. Access denied to parents, teachers and therapists.

But then he meets Dr. Adrian King, a therapist like no other. His principle: ab-so-lute honesty; Donald takes a shine to his new eccentric friend, who could very well possibly be his saviour. But Donald likes Shelly even more. She’s new at school, really cool, and unlike any of the other lame girls his age. And wham! Donald feels things he’s never felt before.

Donald’s biggest enemy is the illness that’s eating him up from the inside. He can see it already, the gravestone with the worlds “Donald, 15, virgin”. Why not “loser” as well! Well, forget it. It’s time for some genuine superhero action! Donald doesn’t know how much longer he’s got to live, but he’s going to find out just how much life and love he can stuff into a tiny little moment.

Written by
Anthony McCarten

Directed by
Ian FitzGibbon

Produced by
Michael Garland
Astrid Kahmke
Philipp Kreuzer

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan

Associate Producer
Ailish McElmeel

Andy Serkis
Thomas Brodie Sangster
Aisling Loftus
Michael McElhatton
Sharon Horgan
Jessica Schwarz

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