Video Nasty

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Video Nasty

LOGLINE: In 1985, the home video revolution is in full analogue swing. three mostly-normal-but-kind-of-weird teenagers go on an epic quest to complete a cult VHS collection, only to get mixed up in a murder investigation, becoming chief suspects and public enemies.

VIDEO NASTY, written by Hugh Travers,  is a series all about hysteria, moral panic and intergenerational misunderstandings, none of which will ever matter to teenagers as much as sex, adventure, true friendship and young love. Blending the nostalgia of Stranger Things with the dark, deadpan comedy and retro cinematic style of The End of the F***ing world with a touch of the raucous and racy tone of Sex Education, this is a timeless series set in the 1980s that speaks volumes about the hysterical internet-soaked world we live in today.

Winner of the Content London 2021 Drama Pitch award.  Pilot script, series overview and tonal ripreel available on request.  Endeavor Content are our distribution partners.

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