The South Westerlies (2020)

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When a town in the south west of Ireland is earmarked for a Norwegian-owned offshore wind farm, it’s not just the scenery that’s under pressure.

KATE RYAN (40s), is on the verge of a lucrative promotion and a move to her company’s HQ in Oslo until her employer, NorskVentus, adds a last-minute caveat – a final assignment in Ireland.  She must go undercover in the West Cork town of Carrigeen to quash local objections against the company’s offshore wind farm. However, Kate has a personal history with the town, one she’s not keen to revisit. When Kate arrives in Carrigeen with her 18-year-old son, CONOR, she quickly realises that NorskVentus underestimated the level of local hostility to the proposed wind farm, and her job is going to be much tougher than she had anticipated.

Kate’s life is further complicated by the revelation that former flame BAZ CROWLEY is back living in Carrigeen. Freshly returned from Maui, and keen to rekindle a relationship with Kate, this crinkly-eyed surfer is blissfully unaware that he’s Conor’s father. More than ever, Kate needs to complete her job and get out of town before Conor discovers the truth about Baz; an increasingly difficult undertaking once they start working together at Baz’s surf school.

Meanwhile, Kate’s old friend BREEGE MULLER, who runs the local café, is far from impressed with Kate’s reappearance after 15 years of silence and is not so quick to forgive her friend’s neglect. But a renewed understanding allows the two women to mend a broken friendship and help each other as their personal lives fall apart.

When Kate’s boss SIGRID arrives in town unexpectedly, Kate finds new opportunities to prove herself by lifting the lid on a local scandal, with help from pro-wind-farm radio journalist CALLUM KELLEHER. But with only a few weeks left to the appeals deadline, Kate comes under increasing pressure to maintain her undercover façade just as she’s regained the trust of those around her.

As her multitude of lies and cover-ups begin to unravel, Kate is finally forced to confront the truth about herself, her relationships and the causes she believes in.


Format: 6 x 1-hour Episodes [returning series]

Story by: Catherine Maher

Written by: Catherine Maher, Hugh Travers, Michelle Duffy, Hilary Reynolds

Directed by: Simon Gibney, Declan Recks

Starring: Orla Brady, Eileen Walsh, Steve Wall, Patrick Bergin, Ger Ryan, Sam Barrett, Lily Nichol.

Series Producer: Ailish McElmeel

Producer: Candida Julian-Jones

Executive Producers: Paul Donovan, Ailish McElmeel (Deadpan Pictures), Anne Kolbjørnsen, Ole Marius Araldsen (Anagram Norway), Sarah Eichenlaub (ZDFE), Shane Murphy, Justin Healy (RTÉ), Catherine Mackin, Bea Tammer (Acorn Media Enterprises)