Seanie & Flo (2018)

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 in Credits, Film


Seanie is a lonely, borderline delusional man who empties bins on the sparse stretches of motorways that haven’t been populated with service stations yet. He’s also responsible for picking up the rubbish that is illegally dumped around the outskirts of the town. Flo is a belligerent teenage girl on her first day doing community service for spraying graffiti around the town. Today is their first day working together and their attitudes to both rubbish and art couldn’t be any more different. When they catch a couple illegally dumping on a roadside, a feverish chase ensues.

Seanie & Flo is a short comedy about learning when to break the rules.

Seanie & Flo is directed by Imogen Murphy (Can’t Cope Won’t Cope, Red Rock, Casualty, Hollyoaks) and written by John Morton (Dead Still, The Roaring Banshees), it stars John Connors (Cardboard Gangsters, Love/Hate) and Ann Skelly (Kissing Candice). Seanie & Flo was funded with the assistance of Creative Europe MEDIA.