Can’t Cope Won’t Cope (2016)

Living and dying from the weekend in Dublin..

Some say it caused the recession, Coppers getting its own ATM. It’s certainly put a dent in the bank accounts of Aisling O’ Dowd (Seana Kerslake) and Danielle Mullane (Nika McGuigan).   CCWC is a dark comic drama detailing the unravelling of a friendship between two co-dependent young women as the hangover wears off and their lives and priorities begin to radically diverge.

Danielle and Aisling get as excited about the ‘euro saver menu’ as their school friends now get about their engagements and mortgage approval. And they both agree that the real walk of shame is when you bring all the mugs and plates that have gathered in your room back down to the kitchen. The girls are a perfect fit.

Set in contemporary Dublin, in the house they have shared since moving from Cork, these two very different twenty something’s navigate their respective professions; a high-powered finance job in Aisling’s case, and a struggling art career in Danielle’s.

Aisling is used to getting her own way and Danielle, never one to hog the spotlight, is only too happy to go along with it. But ‘going along with it’ is starting to lose its appeal; there seems to be a lot more cleaning up than just last night’s empty cans.

Aisling has learned that if you leave a mess for long enough, someone else will clean it up.

Something is changing and Aisling, head firmly turned in the opposite direction, is going to be the last to find out. After years of living in each other’s pockets, the shine of a hilarious hangover is wearing off for Danielle. As she starts to invest in her other relationships, like the charming Ferg (Muiris Crowley) things come to a head for Aisling. Her boss (Amy Huberman) is losing patience with her. Her part time love interest Lorcan (Laurence O Fuarain) has a full time girlfriend, and professionally, things are coming to a very ugly head.

The one thing that holds Aisling and Danielle together, their fear of reality, might wind up being what drives them apart. They might not know it yet, but the sobering light of day has them firmly in its sights.

Written by
Stefanie Preissner

Directed by
Cathy Brady

Produced by
Ailish McElmeel

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan

Seana Kerslake
Nika McGuigan
Amy Huberman
Steve Blount
Laurence O'Fuarain
Sheila Moylette
Muiris Crowley

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