Spin The Bottle (2003)

Executive Producer: Paul Donovan

Rats, of Paths to Freedom fame, is released from prison yet again. His return to his mother’s house gets off to a bad start when the money painstakingly saved to send his terminally obese aunt to Lourdes for a miracle cure, is stolen. After embarking on a series of hapless attempts to replace the stolen money, Rats realises he must use his only talent, his musical genius, and reforms his band Spermdotcom, crashing a boy band competition live on national television.


“McElhatton himself is brilliant and there are enough quippy one-liners and a strong enough script to keep the movie flowing nicely for a very taut ninety minutes.”
Connacht Sentinel, 2003

“Precisely because it refuses to take itself seriously, Irish audiences should be chuckling up their sleeves, if not laughing out loud.”
Sunday Business Post, 2003

“Following Veronica Guerin, In America and Intermission, Spin the Bottle has every chance of being swept along by the momentum and, given that it is packed with top-notch lowbrow jokes, may well satisfy FitzGibbon’s yearning for a mainstream hit.”
The Irish Times, 2003

“A movie that you want to love, given the strength of the TV series…and the wonder that is Rats (a comic creation somewhere between Dustin and Shane Lynch), Spin the Bottle will no doubt do well at the box-office here.”
The Irish Examiner, 2003


Best Art Direction, IFTA, 2003
Best Costume Design, IFTA, 2003
Best Music in TV/Film, IFTA, 2003
Best Film, Boston Film Festival, 2004

Written by
Ian FitzGibbon
Michael McElhatton

Directed by
Ian FitzGibbon

Produced by
Michael Garland

Executive Producer
Paul Donovan
Richard Mulcahy

Michael McElhatton
Pat Leavy
Peter McDonald
Bronagh Gallagher
Donal O'Kelly

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